Sierra Noland

Movement. Mindfulness. Mental Health.
My Teaching

I am a certified yoga and stress management teacher with a passion for mental health!


Laughing, asking questions, and falling over are all welcomed in my classes. My goal is to help you cultivate self-compassion and make yoga the best part of your day through relatable, inspiring, and people-centered teaching.


In my public classes, I incorporate breath awareness, mindfulness, and anatomical alignment. I sprinkle optional assists throughout my sequences to help students build body awareness and feel good. Exploration, curiosity, and play are encouraged. If you opt for private classes, your sessions are completely customizable to meet your needs.


Let’s find a way to get you moving! Browse through the above options, and ask me any questions you have about my offerings.


Sierra brings to each class the right balance of humor and focused professionalism to keep the classes engaging throughout.

Theo C.